Carolyn Benson Goff (1944-2001)

Obituary published in The Oklahoman on May 16, 2001:

Carolyn Benson Goff died May 14, 2001 following a brief illness. She was born June 10, 1944 in Oklahoma City. Carolyn graduated from Northwest Classen High School in 1963, with honors. She was president of the Northminster Presbyterian youth group while in high school and was music leader as well at the church where she served as pianist, organist, and soloist. She attended Wheaton College and graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Master’s degree in Social Work. Carolyn has a Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Oklahoma. She was state president of Oklahoma’s chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). During her leadership of MADD, the Oklahoma Legislature raised the drinking age to 21, and enacted driver’s licensing sanctions for drunk drivers. She is survived by her father, Walter Benson, her brother, Larry Benson, her son, Bruce Goff and niece and nephew, Shannon and Travis Benson, as well as several first cousins. She was preceded in death by her mother Clara Smith Benson.

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