Judith Petersen (1942-1981)

Obituary published in March/April 1982 issue of Wheaton Alumni magazine:

Judith Petersen ’66 died in Wilmington, Delaware Medical Center on October 7 following an illness of about two months. Word came from Barbara Peterson ’66 who had been a close friend of Judy’s since their senior year in college. They had lived and worked together for the past eleven years. Barbara is director of the Beebe Hospital School of Nursing in Lewis, Del., and Judy was her assistant.

Judy received her R.N. from the West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois; her B.S.N. from Wheaton and her master’s degree from Salisbury State College. She was a member of the Christian Medical Society and did short tour mission work in Liberia, Zambia, Columbia, Ecuador, and Panama.

Judy was a very active member of the First Baptist Church of Lewes. She was also a devoted supporter of the Lewes Christian Academy, where she served as health co-ordinator and prayer booster.

Throughout her serious illness she was an inspiration to all with whom she came in contact. Her trust in her loving Heavenly Father never wavered. In spite of pain, she was always cheerful and never complained.

Besides Barbara, who was like a sister to her, she is survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Petersen of Seminole, Florida; two sisters, Nancy Simpson ’61 and Alice Petersen ’66; two brothers; four nephews and three nieces.

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