Luke Han (1943-2011)

Obituary published in Star Advertiser in 2011:

LUKE TI HAN My beloved husband, it is with my deepest sadness that I announce to our family and friends that you have peacefully passed on in the embrace of our dear Lord to an eternal place. You left me with our beautiful love story. You left all of us with your prodigious intelligence, gentle smile which was always so welcoming, accepting and patient. You gave generously. You were a treasure and a kind man. You have touched so many lives. You were a true gentleman. Bridge was your passion. You were our “cool hand Luke” and “hanzoro.” Your legacy will definitely live on in this world and in all our hearts. I miss your expansive heartfelt smile, your warm embraces, your gentle words, and our partnership in life and in the bridge game. In the short time that we had together, you helped me to become a better person. You gave me so much love and happiness. You were my “true love.” Do not worry about me. The good memories of love we shared are comforting me now and in the days ahead. I live with one hope that we will meet again so we can continue our love story. In the meantime, you can rest, and I will carry on your legacy and be sure to make you proud of me. “You are absolutely right, Busaba.”

Luke Ti Han was born on December 26, 1943. He is survived by his wife, Busaba and her family; his children, Candi Wada and Natalie Phillips; and his grandchildren, Rylie, Ally, Emi, Noa and Makena. He is also survived by siblings, Lucy, Mark and Mary, and their families.

Star Advertiser

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