Paul Lohse (1945-2016)

Obituary published in Winter 2018 issue of Wheaton magazine:

PAUL LOHSE ’66 died Mar. 29, 2016. He was in the linguistics department at the University of Pennsylvania for a brief time before he began working with his father at Burroughs Corporation, where he applied his knowledge in linguistics to early computer programming. His computer programming savvy led to a job with Chase Manhattan Bank and then Bank of America. Retiring from the latter after 21 years of work in systems, he was regarded as a legend in the field, but more importantly, as one of the best—a manager who always put his team first before any project. Imbued with a deep love of the English language and history, Paul relished discovering witty and incisive methods of imparting his knowledge to his children, family, and co-workers. To that end, he would frequently send clipped newspaper articles with highlighted passages to his children. Other interests included travel, early music, and the San Francisco Giants. Surviving are his two former wives, Tup Bertley and Susan DaSilva; three children; three grandchildren; and a sister, Irene Lohse Clemmer ’80.

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